CANDID – Checking Assumptions aND promoting responsibility in smart Development – is a EU Horizon 2020 project exploring the future of smart technologies from an interdisciplinary perspective.

This short-term Research and Innovation project is addressing the specific challenge set by ICT-35-2016 : Enabling responsible ICT-related research and innovation, designed to make sure that technological innovations, in this case ‘smart technologies and systems’, are developed with societal needs and expectations in mind.

The CANDID project runs from 2017-01-01 to 2017-12-31, to fulfil three objectives:

  1. Facilitate an expanded and intensive dialogue aiming at 
Responsible Research and Innovation between practitioners from the Social and Human Sciences (SSH) and engineers and innovators in ICT
  2. Describe and critically assess visions of ‘smart’ as they 
emerge within the ICT – programmes in Horizon 2020, and in public 
discourse more generally
  3. Describe and produce, in the form of distinct Modules, insights
 on crucial topics on Science and Society intersections, as they play out within and in relation to visions of ‘smart’

The project partners are critically appraising smart technologies and systems by bringing together insights and experiences from ICT and SSH innovators and researchers, to explore the future of smart technologies from an interdisciplinary perspective.

CANDID is engaging with technology developers, hackers, users, entrepreneurs, decision makers, in an extended peer community, to identify the most critical and problematic aspects identified by each stakeholder network and will suggest cooperative methods to tackle these challenges in new imaginative ways. CANDID will develop an interactive tool to help technology developers reflect on how to best tackle social challenges presented by ‘smart’ digital solutions and connected devices.

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