Objective 3 of CANDID is to describe and produce, in the form of distinct Modules, insights on crucial topics on Science and Society intersections, as they play out within and in relation to visions of ‘smart’.

The Modules are:

These Modules are intended to clarify and elaborate the complexity in ‘smart’ adaptation, and the inconclusiveness in design, engineering and user encounters. 

They will serve as:

  • a guide to better collaboration between SSH-ICT expertise to improve on the assistive qualities of ‘smart’ innovations,
  • a counter narrative to overly simplistic depictions of the newly-emerging smartness
  • a template for ICT – LEIT and SSH researchers and innovators who wish to address the societal (including legal, ethical and governance) challenges of the day.

The Modules will also function as enablers of wider stakeholder communications and will provide organising guides for scientists, engineers and innovators in ICT – LEIT to give feedback (checks on assumptions) to the SSH researchers working on the project.