CANDID Primer and Policy Recommendations to be unveiled at concluding Conference at Amsterdam on 23 January

The CANDID project is now complete, with all deliverables due for the period of the project delivered to the Commission and also available for download.

What remains is to celebrate these achievements and to present and discuss the CANDID Template, rebranded The CANDID Primer, as well as the accompanying Policy recommendations.

The Primer will provide guidance for applying insights gained for promoting responsible research and innovation in ICT and smart projects.

These documents will be the main focus of a final conference, to be held on Tuesday 23 January, at de Waag, Amsterdam, the venue of the project kick off meeting almost a year back.

Starting at 10am, scheduled presentations include discussions of the ‘main insights and future prospects’ of each of the four project modules, and a keynote lecture by Irina Shklovski, human computer interaction expert at the IT-University of Copenhangen (one of several helpful and insightful peer reviewers for the project).

Check back here or follow our Twitter feed for the first chance to view and study these outputs and any further news and developments of the CANDID project.

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